10 Quick Tips and Examples for Better Status Updates in Social Media

1. Fact: Post an interesting fact
If you’re sharing a blog post or an online article, create a Status Update that features the most interesting fact or statement. This stirs curiosity in the readers and encourages them to click to your link.

2. Tip: Share a tip
If you’re sharing a tip in a Status Update, begin the post with the word “Tip!” This makes your Status Update stand out in your facts’ News Feeds. The same technique can be used when sharing a stat, a piece of news, an update or a checklist.

3. Endorse content
When sharing someone else’s content or Status Update, don’t be afraid to add an endorsement. Adding an adjective like “awesome” changes the wag users react to a post.

4. Don’t always ask a question
You don’t always have to ask your fans what they think. Until you’ve built a strong and engaged fan base, share content without expecting your fans’ feedback in return.

5. Inspire Action
For example, if you post a great image, ask your fans to “”Pin it if they’re on Pinterest.

6. Tell users what to expect
This is a great tip if you’re posting a video or linking to a blog article. Use the Status Update to tell users exactly how long it is.

7. In email marketing, adding “P.S.” at the end is a proven and effective way to grab the readers’ attention. Test using a “P.S.” line in a few Status Updates and compare results with posts that didn’t include the line.

8. Use short links
Instead of copying and posting a lengthy URL into your Status Update, use a short link, such as a bitly. The smaller the link, the better.

9. Use image with text
To make your post stand out in the News Feed and on your Timeline, overlay text on an image. A great tool to use is PicMonkey.

10. Ask users to comment
For best results, use a give-to-get approach. For instance, if your fans share their Twitter handles with you, they get a follow back. Bonus: Comments are worth more than likes in EdgeRank so it’s more likely your post will be featured in the News Feed.