[Solved] Steps to Diagnose Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets Mic not working Problem

Problem: Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets Microphones not working.

Turtle Beach Headsets Microphone not working

Solution: To fix Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets Mic not working, perform the following steps:

Change Sound Settings
Step 1: Go to Control Panel and select Sound.
Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the empty space and make sure that the option Show disabled devices and Show disconnected devices is shown.
Step 3: If the headphones appear on the window, right-click on them and select Enable.

Change Headset settings in Dell Audio
Step 4: Go to Control Panel.
Step 5: Select Dell Audio (if you have some other program, select that).
Step 6: Click on the settings and select in Advanced and select the option Headset.
Step 7: Press OK to save changes and exit.

Check Mic Levels
Step 8: Go to Control Panel and select Sound.
Step 9: Right-click on device and select Properties.
Step 10: Make sure mic levels are set to maximum and not muted.
Step 11: Press Apply to save changes and exit.

Check for charge levels, this is very common as Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets are known to malfunction if overcharged.
Step 12: Hold down mic mute button for 10 seconds and then leave it for a few seconds.
Step 13: Unmute the headset and check if the problem is solved.

Check Puck
Step 14: Ig you plug the ‘pink’ cable to computer and check the mic levels. If the mic seems to work perfectly, then it is almost certain that puck is damaged. Replace it.

Checking on another console or PC
Step 15: Plugging Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets into another console or PC. For diagnosing issues, best to use both pink and green cables and try connecting them to PC and test.