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6 Tips to Crush Marcus and Faleris duo at PIDF Tower with Water Pals in 10 Minutes

Palworld is an online game where you can explore, craft, and battle with your pals. But one of the hardest battles in the game is against Marcus and Faleris at the PIDF Tower. They are a pair of enemies with a lot of health and fire attacks. You need to have a good strategy and a strong team to beat them in 10 minutes.

6 Tips to Crush Marcus and Faleris duo at PIDF Tower with Water Pals in 10 Minutes

Where to Find Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

Marcus and Faleris are at the PIDF Tower, which is at the west end of the map (coordinates 561, 334). You can see a red cross symbol on the tower. You should bring a flying mount to get there, because the terrain is rocky. The battle takes place in a circular arena with pillars. Faleris is a flying boss that can attack from the air. Marcus is a human enemy that can use guns and grenades.

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How to Beat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

To beat Marcus and Faleris, you need to follow these tips:

Tip 1: Use powerful weapons, especially rifles, to effectively take down the high-health Faleris. Ensure your ally pals are at least level 38, proficient in targeting airborne adversaries. Consider including pals like Grizzbolt for a devastating minigun attack.

Tip 2: Use Water-type pals to attack Faleris, because Faleris is weak to water. Some good Water-type pals are Azurobe, Relaxaurus, and Broncherry Aqua. They can use water attacks to hit Faleris.

Tip 3: Use pals that can target flying enemies, like Grizzbolt. Grizzbolt can mount and use a minigun to shoot Faleris from the air.

Tip 4: Avoid Faleris’s electric and fire attacks, which can cover a large area. When Faleris uses an electric surge, dodge the red circles and hide behind a pillar to recover your Shield. When Faleris uses a fire tornado, stay away from the flames and move to the other side of the arena.

Tip 5: Switch between your allies to distract Faleris and keep a safe distance. Faleris can move fast in the air, so you need to be careful.

Tip 6: Don’t forget about Marcus, who can use guns and grenades to attack you. You can use your Shield to block his attacks. You can also use your pals to attack him and make him drop his weapons.

What You Get for Beating Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

If you beat Marcus and Faleris in 10 minutes, you will get a huge reward: 1,300,800 XP and 5 Ancient Technology Points. You can use these points to unlock advanced technologies for your base. You can also level up your character and your pals with the XP. With these upgrades, you will be ready for any challenge in Palworld. So, get your team ready and go for the win!

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