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Stardraw Design 7.3 Award-Winning Application for AV Systems Integrators has released more updates to its award-winning design and documentation software for integrators. Stardraw Design 7.3 is the fastest, easiest way to produce high-quality engineering drawings, sales presentations, reports, quotations, cable schedules, and other critical project documentation.

Stardraw Design 7.3 Award-Winning Application for AV Systems Integrators

The application includes a product library of more than 120,000 symbols from more than 1,100 manufacturers and is configurable with a choice of up to 5 drawing Modules: Block Schematics, Rack Layouts, Pictorial Schematics, Panel Layouts, and Plan View. DWG & PDF tools mean you can read, write and edit AutoCAD and PDF files.

A native 64-bit application, Stardraw Design 7.3 can handle the largest projects, and the many new features introduced in 2021 have been developed with a focus on speed of use and productivity, creating one of the most powerful and flexible AV system design and documentation applications to date. It’s a must for the professional AV system integrator.


Since 1992 has been a leading provider of software solutions to the entertainment technology sector. We offer award-winning system design and documentation applications and provide custom OEM software development services for corporate clients. With offices in London and New York, and with regional partners, we support an installed customer base of over 40,000 users spanning 83 countries worldwide.

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