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Solved: How do I forge geo-location of IP address

Question/Problem Description

How simple is it for a user to forge the IP address they used to submit a form on a company’s website, to show the geo-location as somewhere specific, even though they may be using an Internet connection elsewhere, even in a different country?

What tools would they use so the IP address in the logs for the form submission specifically looks like the user was based in a specific area or city.

How technically is that achieved? e.g. user in city B, uses a technique that shows the submission of a web form as an IP address based in city X.

What other factors could affect the geo-location of the IP address shown in the logs, so it shows a location different to where the user was based when they submitted the form?

How accurate are the free “where is my IP location” tools online, or can someone recommend the most accurate way of associating an IP with a physical location?


It can be simple if using the VPN. Most reputable VPN solutions allow you to set the server location. Media streaming service provider such as Netflix, HBO have different content depending on different locations (licensing issues). So if you know series x is definitely on Netflix and you can’t see it, you’ll have it solved in 3 seconds with an VPN solution, and no solution if you don’t have a VPN.

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