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[Solved]: How do I enable/disable Summary Reports in FortiLAN Cloud

This article describes when access to FortiLAN Cloud is enabled, FortiLAN Cloud will send daily summary reports via email by default. FortiLAN Cloud is a unified management platform for standalone FortiAP and FortiSwitch deployments and provides configuration management and monitoring control for a handful of devices and can scale up to thousands of devices across multiple sites.

Step 1: Access the FortiLAN Cloud portal by logging into:

Step 2: Select Services > Under Cloud Management, select FortiLAN Cloud.

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<p><strong>Step 3</strong>: If FortiLAN Cloud have not been configured, the default group is called Combined Default. Select that.</p>
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Step 4: Select Reports > Summary Reports > Schedule.

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<p><strong>Step 5</strong>: This is where to schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent to a specified email.</p>
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Step 6: Select Apply to apply the settings.


For more information about FortiLAN Cloud: FortiLAN Cloud 22.3.0 > FortiLAN Cloud User Guide

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