Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 Exam Questions and Answers (8)

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Question 751: It is advisable not to overwrite user records with new user data because it would prevent you from tracking a history of past users and the records associated to them?

A. True
B. False

Question 752: Where does the click path Your Name –> Set up -> Security controls -> Sharing settings lead to?

A. Custom Profile
B. Organization wide Defaults
C. Trusted IP Ranges

Question 753: Which of the following cannot be done by a user to records owned by others when the organization wide default is set to Read / Write to an object?

A. Add related records
B. Search Records
C. Delete records
D. Change ownership
E. Report on records
F. Edit details on records

Question 754: Final reject actions can include actions such as email alerts

A. True
B. False

Question 755: When is a workflow rule triggered?

A. When a record that was closed now becomes open again
B. When you delete a record
C. When you are assign a record
D. When it is edited to meet the rule trigger criteria

Question 756: What are the two main parts of WF?

A. Actions and Time triggers
B. Rules and Actions
C. Email Alerts and Field updates
D. Rules and Tasks

Question 757: When are WF rules evaluated?

A. Before a record is deleted
B. When a record is created/updated
C. After a record is created
D. When a record is cloned

Question 758: From the below …identify the WF action?

A. Create inbound messages
B. Create tasks
C. Create mobile alerts
D. Create section updates

Question 759: Org wide default is set to private. Kathy is assigned US Sales Director role with access rights to view opportunities owned by other users associated to her accounts. Jennifer is assigned EMEA Rep Role and Phil to US rep role. Which business opportunities can Kathy VIEW and EDIT?

A. Kathy can edit and view her own opportunities
B. Kathy can EDIT and VIEW her jennifers opportunities
C. Kathy can edit and view Phils opportunities
D. Kathy can view but cannot EDIT phils opportunities
E. Kathy can View but cannot edit Jennifers opportunities

Question 760: How would you allow collaborative access to accounts , contacts, contracts, opportunities, and cases of a US Sales rep, and Asia sales rep, and an EMEA sales rep?

A. By Creating three sharing rules between them
B. By creating a public group with all three Sales Reps
C. By changing the Org wide defaults

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