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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 2

The latest Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals exam and earn Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification.

Exam Question 161


Correct Answer

used to transcribe speech from an audio source to text format
used to generate spoken audio from a text source
used to translate speech in one language to text or speech in another

Exam Question 162

Speech Translation API

Correct Answer

part of the speech service
used to translate speech in one language to text or speech in another

Exam Question 163

How many languages does the Speech service support?

Correct Answer

over 60

Exam Question 164

What are the 3 core concepts you need to take into account to work with LUIS?

Correct Answer


Exam Question 165


Correct Answer

something a user might say and your application must interpret. Ex “Switch on the fan”

Exam Question 166


Correct Answer

an item to which an utterance refers. For example fan in the following utterance “switch on the fan”

Exam Question 167


Correct Answer

Represents the purpose or goal expressed in a user’s utterance. Ex. the intent for “Switch the fan on” is TurnOn

Exam Question 168

When using LUIS, how do you handle utterances that do not map any of the utterances you entered?

Correct Answer

Use the None intent to provide a generic response to users when their requests don’t match any other intent

Exam Question 169

What resources do you need to use LUIS?

Correct Answer

You need a Language understanding resource (can be either an authoring or prediction resource) and/r a cognitive services resource(can only be used for prediction)

Exam Question 170


Correct Answer

creating entities, intents and utterances to train your LUIS model

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