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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 2

The latest Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals exam and earn Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification.

AI-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers

Exam Question 141

Speech Synthesis

Correct Answer:
The ability to generate spoken output

Exam Question 142

What models do software use to recognize speech?

Correct Answer:
An acoustic model(converts audio signals into phonemes)
A language model (maps phonemes to words, usually using a statistical algorithm that predicts the most probable sequence of words based on the phonemes

Exam Question 143

What is speech recognition used for?

Correct Answer:
providing closed captions
creating transcripts
automated note dictation
determining intended user input for further processing

Exam Question 144

What is speech synthesis used for?

Correct Answer:
generating spoken responses to user input
creating voice menus for telephone systems
reading email
broadcasting announcements

Exam Question 145

What APIs does the Speech cognitive service include?

Correct Answer:

Exam Question 146

What resources can you use for the Speech Service?

Correct Answer:
You can use either Speech or Cognitive Services

Exam Question 147

What scenarios is the speech-to-text API optimized for?

Correct Answer:
conversational and dictation

Exam Question 148

What types of transcription does speech-to-text allow?

Correct Answer:
Real-time(application listen on microphone or other audio input source such as audio file)
Batch (audio recording from file share, remote server or azure storage)

Exam Question 149

How are batch transcription jobs scheduled?

Correct Answer:
on a best effort basis

Exam Question 150

True or false: Batch transcription should be run in an asynchronous manner

Correct Answer:

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