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MB-700: Which data source should you import data for usage profile?


A company is implementing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. You are helping the company use Subscription Estimator in Lifecycle Services (LCS). You need to import data for the usage profile. Which data source should you use?

A. Data Migration Framework
B. Azure Data Lake connector
C. Performance SDK
D. Business process modeler (BPM)


D. Business process modeler (BPM)


Answer: D. Business process modeler (BPM)

Explanation: Subscription Estimator is a tool that is available in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) to estimate the initial size of the production environment that must be provisioned for a customer. To use the Subscription Estimator tool, customers must download a sample usage profile, answer the required questions on each tab, and upload the usage profile to LCS. The usage profile contains information about user licenses and transaction counts that are used to infer subscription requirements.

One of the data sources that can be used to import data for the usage profile is the Business process modeler (BPM) tool in LCS. BPM is a tool that helps customers document their business processes and align them with industry best practices. BPM can also generate transaction counts based on the business processes that are defined in the tool. Customers can export these transaction counts from BPM and import them into the Subscription Estimator tool to create a usage profile.

The other data sources that are listed as options are not relevant for the Subscription Estimator tool. Data Migration Framework is a tool that helps customers migrate data from legacy systems to Dynamics 365. Azure Data Lake connector is a feature that allows customers to store and analyze data from Dynamics 365 in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. Performance SDK is a tool that helps customers test the performance of their Dynamics 365 environments by simulating user workloads. None of these tools can provide data for the usage profile that is required by the Subscription Estimator tool.


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