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How to Set Up and Use Instagram Quiz Stickers for Business

Quiz Sticker on Instagram is the feature of the Instagram story. The Quiz Sticker helps you to gain maximum engagement from the audience on your story. If you are or ever a student then you must have attempted the multiple choice questions in your student life, the same concept is here the Instagram quiz sticker let you ask the question in the form of multiple choice. When somebody answer the question on quiz sticker then they will get the result instantly in the form of green for correct or red for wrong.

How to Set Up and Use Instagram Quiz Stickers for Business

How to Set Up and Use Instagram Quiz Stickers for Business

In case of the answer is correct the selected answer will change in red colour and celebration animation will appear. On the other hand if the answer is wrong the red color will highlight on the answer and corrected answer will highlight.

You are the owner of account and you can see how many people have voted on your quiz and how many people have seen the quiz. There is a new update of the quiz sticker the most voted answer automatically move to the top of the answer. In our opinion this update is not because the viewer can answer the question without reading it which is ethically wrong.

How to Use Instagram Quiz Stickers

Creating the quiz on the Instagram story is quite easy. You just need to follow the following steps.

  • Launch your Instagram application and open the Instagram story.
  • For setting the background you can import a photo or video from the gallery, or you can capture the photo or record video by Instagram camera.
  • Now tap on the stickers option, you will see lots of stickers of different categories such as hashtag, geotags and etc. You just need to choose the qui sticker.
  • Now put the name of your quiz (make it attractive and creative).After this write your question and then add the choices. You can add the minimum answer choices and maximum choices. We recommend you to add the choices for making the quiz more tricky.
  • If you want to customize the color of the quiz, then just simply click on the wheel located at the top of the story. Choose the colour that will match the background of the story
  • Now click on the share to post on the Instagram story as like you post the story normally.
How to Use Instagram Quiz Stickers

How to Use Instagram Quiz Stickers

Now your Instagram quiz publish on the story. You can monitor the performance of the quiz. Just observe how your audience will voted for the quiz. The corrected answer will highlight with green color and wrong answer will highlight with the red color and correct answer will highlight too.

For watching the performance of the story just simply swipe up on the story. You will be able to see how many viewers reach to your story and how many viewers voted on the quiz. This is amazing you can monitor and observe your audience.

You have learnt how to publish the quiz on the story now take a look on how to use quiz for business purpose because it is the best way for maximizing the engagement ratio and views on the stories. If you are using the video on Instagram for getting more views the first option is you can buy Instagram video views and second option you can ask the question in the form of quiz.

Use Instagram Quiz Sticker for Business

Instagram quiz sticker is very helpful and important tool of the Instagram story. You can get maximum engagement with the help of Quiz sticker. There are some ways for using the quiz sticker for the business purpose.

For campaign of Product and Service

You can use the Instagram quiz sticker for the promotion of your new product. For example, you can ask the question that which skin product you are expecting from us as new product? And in answer choices you are putting the Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Night Cream and Toner. This technique is very cool. It will increase the excitement in the audience about your new launching product and they will try to not miss your new product or service. You can also do one thing for more engagement you can tell the audience the lucky winner will win the upcoming product. In this curiosity the people will vote on the quiz just for entering themselves in the competition.

Increasing the Awareness of your brand

The Instagram quiz sticker also helpful in increasing the awareness and presence of your brand. For example, you can ask the question like Which country is the base of our brand? In multiple choices you can put the name of different countries i.e. USA, UK, Italy and Canada. We suggest you to put the response of the viewers on your story. In this way you will get two benefits, the first one is you are appreciating the answer of the viewer and increasing the interaction. The second one is the viewers those give the answer wrong they will get motivated and try to answer correctly in next quiz.

Increase of Followers and Engagement

According to an analysis of the Instagram, almost 80% of the users love to answer the questions because they believe by answering the question they are increasing the knowledge. If the users give the answer correctly they try to answer the question correctly again in next quiz. On the other hand the users fail to give the answer correctly they get motivation and next quiz session they will try to answer correctly. You know what in this way automatically the engagement will increase because people will answer your quizzes. If you are taking the interesting quizzes, for the notification of future quizzes people will follow you. In our suggestion you should as the general knowledge questions because people respond better on these types of questions.

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