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How to Find Huge Dragon Egg and Incubate Bushi in Palworld

Bushi is a rare and powerful creature that you can hatch in Palworld. But how do you find a huge dragon egg and incubate it correctly?

This guide will show you the best way to locate and hatch your own Bushi in Palworld. Follow these easy steps and get ready for amazing adventures with your awesome companion.

Where to Find Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld

In Palworld, the search for Huge Dragon Eggs requires exploration, as they spawn randomly. Follow these tips:

Where to Find Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld

Random Spawns

Huge Dragon Eggs spawn unpredictably, necessitating a persistent search strategy similar to finding other items.

Elevated Areas

Explore elevated areas like cliff edges and stone peaks where Huge Dragon Eggs are more likely to appear.

Use Flying Pals

Utilize flying Pals like Chillet or Nitewing for a better vantage point in spotting eggs from high altitudes.

Stay Vigilant

Embark on your adventure, keeping a keen eye as you traverse various landscapes. Patience and exploration increase your chances of stumbling upon these valuable eggs.

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How to hatch Bushi in Palworld

Get an Incubator

Like other eggs, Bushi requires an incubator. Expect the process to take about two hours in standard difficulty mode.

Ensure Proper Heat

Maintain warmth during incubation by adjusting indoor heating or using Fire element pals like Bushi.

Monitor Temperature

Keep a close eye on the temperature for successful incubation. Ensure a warm environment throughout the process.

Care and Attention

Dedicate attention to hatching Bushi. Provide the necessary conditions to ensure a successful hatch.

Ready for Adventure

Once hatched, Bushi is ready for adventure, adding excitement to your gameplay. Nurture the egg, monitor temperature, and soon you’ll have a loyal companion by your side.

How to hatch Bushi in Palworld

Discover the thrill of finding a Huge Dragon Egg, adding a formidable companion to your Palworld team.

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