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How to Fix Palworld Butcher Knife Issues and Craft Meat Cleaver

Learn how to solve the common problems with the butcher knife in Palworld, such as disappearing Pals and missing butchered companions. Discover the game mechanics behind the tool and how to craft the Meat Cleaver for butchering.

How to Fix Palworld Butcher Knife Issues and Craft Meat Cleaver

Palworld Butcher Knife Issues

The butcher knife in Palworld can cause frustration for some players. They notice that the Pals they try to butcher vanish or don’t come back after using the knife.

This may be due to a bug or glitch in the game that affects the butcher knife animation. Alternatively, it may be because of the game rules or conditions for using the knife, such as the Pal’s status or the actions required to butcher.

If you face these issues, look for updates or fixes from the game developers.

How to Craft Meat Cleaver in Palworld

The Meat Cleaver is the actual tool for butchering Pals in Palworld. To craft it, you need to:

  • Unlock it in the Technology Tree with five technology points.
  • Gather 20 wood and five stones.
  • Equip it in a slot.

Not all Pals can be butchered. Check the Paldex to see which ones are eligible. Get close to the Pal you want to butcher and use the Meat Cleaver. Some Pals may resist, so you need to knock them out first.

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