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Discover the Hidden Finale of Tekken 8 Secret Ending

Tekken 8 has a hidden finale in its Dark Awakens story mode that shows a different outcome of the game. To see this secret ending, players have to follow a simple trick in the last fight between Jin and Kazuya. This guide explains how to get the secret ending without spoiling it.

Discover the Hidden Finale of Tekken 8 Secret Ending

How to Identify the Final Round

The final round of the Dark Awakens story mode is the epic showdown between Jin and Kazuya. It starts after Jin switches back to his own fighting style from Mishima and Kazama styles. Kazuya’s red life bar and Rage mode show that the final round has begun.

How to Execute the Strategy

The secret ending requires losing to Kazuya in the final round on purpose. Do not let Kazuya win any previous rounds, or you will have to start over. To make Kazuya win, move closer to him and dash when needed. This is hard because Jin blocks and attacks automatically. If you lose all your health in the final round, you get an extra life bar.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

If you let Kazuya win the final round, you will see the secret ending. To learn more about the secret ending, you can check other guides, but beware of spoilers.

How to See Both Amazing Endings for Tekken 8 Story Mode

Tekken 8’s story mode, “The Dark Awakens,” has two endings with different stories and rewards. This guide shows how to unlock both endings in the game.

How to Unlock Both Endings

To see both endings, replay Chapter 15, the last chapter of “The Dark Awakens,” and fight Kazuya differently each time.

Tekken 8 Good Ending (Hope)

Fight Kazuya Normally: In one playthrough, fight Kazuya as usual in Chapter 15. Win the Fight: Beat Kazuya in the final showdown. Result: You get the “Hope” ending, where Jin celebrates his win, gets a message from his mother Jun, and leaves with Xiaoyu. A mid-credits scene shows Reina is Heihachi’s daughter, and the Devil gene is still alive.

Tekken 8 Bad Ending (Despair)

Lose to Kazuya on Purpose: In another playthrough, let Kazuya win in Chapter 15. How to Lose: Wait for Kazuya to glow red in the final phase. Let him beat Jin in this phase. Result: You get the “Despair” ending, where Kazuya kills Jin and swears to keep fighting even without the Devil gene. The mid-credits scene is similar to the “Hope” ending, but with more gloomy visuals.

By playing Chapter 15 twice and changing your strategy with Kazuya, you can see both endings in Tekken 8’s story mode and enjoy the full story of “The Dark Awakens.”

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