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Desktop Application Launcher for Google Drive in Chrome

Google launch a new extension for Chrome that lets you open files from Google Drive storage directly into a compatible application installed on your PC or Mac. New extension for Chrome includes apps like advanced image and video editing software, accounting and tax programs, or 3D animation and design tools.

To get started, install the latest version of the Drive app for Mac or PC (version 1.18) and sync your files. Then, visit Google Drive in your Chrome browser. Finally, right-click on the file and select “Open with” to see a list of compatible applications on your computer that can open it. For example, you can choose to open a PDF file with Adobe Reader, or a .psd with Photoshop, make your edits and save back changes to Drive which will sync across all your devices and other collaborators.

Release track: Rapid release and Scheduled release (gradual rollout)

Additional information:
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