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Dell DES-6332: Which log file should be analyzed for failure occurs while upgrading VxRail cluster?


A failure occurs while upgrading a VxRail cluster. Which log file should be analyzed?

A. loudmouth.log
B. platform_svc.log
C. lcm-web.log
D. marvin.log


D. marvin.log


When a failure occurs during an upgrade of a VxRail cluster, the log file that should be analyzed is the “marvin.log.” The “marvin.log” file contains detailed information about the VxRail management software, which is responsible for managing and orchestrating the cluster.

Here’s a more comprehensive explanation of each log file option:

A. loudmouth.log: The “loudmouth.log” file contains information related to communication between VxRail Manager and the VxRail nodes. It records events such as node discovery, heartbeat communication, and status updates. While this log file may provide some insights into cluster communication, it is not the most suitable for analyzing upgrade failures.

B. platform_svc.log: The “platform_svc.log” file captures events and messages related to the platform services controller component of VxRail. It contains information about authentication, authorization, and other platform-level activities. However, it may not contain specific details about upgrade failures.

C. lcm-web.log: The “lcm-web.log” file contains logs specific to the Lifecycle Management (LCM) component of VxRail. LCM is responsible for managing firmware updates, patches, and upgrades. While this log file can be helpful in diagnosing issues related to the LCM process, it may not provide the complete picture of an upgrade failure.

D. marvin.log: The “marvin.log” file is the most appropriate log file to analyze when encountering an upgrade failure in a VxRail cluster. It contains comprehensive information about the VxRail management software, including upgrade activities, error messages, and system events. Analyzing the “marvin.log” file can provide valuable insights into the cause of the upgrade failure and help troubleshoot the issue effectively.

To locate the log files mentioned above, you can access the VxRail Manager UI or log in to the VxRail Manager virtual machine via SSH and navigate to the appropriate log file location.

Remember that the log analysis process may require expertise and knowledge of VxRail architecture and troubleshooting techniques. If you are uncerta<|endoftext|>


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