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Solved: Correct Casio G-Shock Watch Timezone

  • The article explains how to correct the time zone on a Casio G-Shock watch that uses a radio-controlled time signal.
  • Casio G-Shock watches receive a time signal from Fort Collins, Colorado, which makes them very accurate, but they need to be set to the correct time zone for the user’s location.
  • To set the time zone, the user needs to press and hold the top left button, wait for the City Code to flash, use the bottom right button to select the desired City Code, and press the top right button to confirm.
  • The user can also enable or disable summer time by pressing the © button and rotating the rotary switch to display [ON] or [OFF]. The DST indicator will show if summer time is enabled.

Casio G-Shock wrist watches use a radio-controlled time signal broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado to keep the most accurate time possible. Casio G-Shock wrist watches are renowned for their accurate timekeeping, achieved through the utilization of a radio-controlled time signal broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado. This time signal is sent out every second, making it possible for G-Shock watches to remain extremely precise in their timekeeping. By utilizing this signal, G-Shock watches can guarantee greater accuracy than other timepieces that rely on quartz signals or manual time setting. This radio-controlled technology allows G-Shock watches to stay accurate even in areas with weak or no cellular reception, making them an ideal choice for those who value precision and accuracy.

In order for your Casio G-Shock to display the correct atomic time, you must first set the watch to your time zone. Setting the time zone on your Casio G-Shock wrist watch is a simple task that can be completed by choosing the correct City Code for your particular time zone. You can correct the time zone for your Casio G-Shock in less than five minutes.

Solved: Correct Casio G-Shock Watch Timezone


Step 1: Press and hold the top left button of Casio G-Shock wrist watch while in regular Timekeeping Mode.

Step 2: Wait for the City Code on the display to start flashing, indicating that you have entered the correct setting screen.

Step 3: Use the bottom right button on the Casio G-Shock to highlight the desired City Code for your time zone. Highlight LAX for Pacific time, DEN for Mountain time, CHI for Central time and NYC for Eastern time.

Step 4: Press the top right button on the Casio G-Shock wrist watch to select the correct and highlighted City Code for your time zone.

Step 5: Press the top left button on the Casio G-Shock wrist watch twice to exit the setting screen and return to regular Timekeeping Mode.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set the time on the Casio G-Shock wrist watch manually when outside the range of the radio-controlled time transmission broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Casio G-Shock watches do not contain a time zone differential for Greenwich Mean Time. As a result, the watch’s radio-controlled timekeeping feature will not display the correct time for Newfoundland, Canada.


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