The Importance of High-Quality Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

The desire to achieve payment efficiency often prompts providers to transition from paper to electronic payments. But poor-quality ERAs can cause them to reverse course. Transitioning your provider network from paper checks to electronic payments will enable you to achieve significant gains in efficiency and cost savings. For the provider, however, the electronic payments can […]

Learn How To Use The Cloud To Enhance Efficiency And Services

The time and expense associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware, security upgrades, and monitoring, as well as disaster recovery, impacts your ability to focus on what matters most—patient care. Read this article to see how cloud-based IT solutions can help reduce complexity, better position you in times of crisis, and improve your clinical care delivery […]

Using Interventional Analytics for Accurate Risk Stratification and Integrated Care

Managing the health of patient populations through effective risk stratification is vital to successful value-based care programs. To raise the bar on patient risk stratification, many hospitals and health systems have turned to Interventional Analytics to identify which patients are at the highest risk for adverse events, hospital admissions, and readmissions. In this issue brief, […]