Healthcare and Insurance News Headline Updated on 22 Jan 2020

The headline on 22 Jan 2020 Competition from companies like CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group and Walmart—all of which are pushing into the provider space—are shaping how the industry approaches growth through mergers and acquisitions. Source: KaufmanHall > 2019 Healthcare M&A in Review: In Pursuit of the New Bases of Competition CVS Health released a look […]

Healthcare and Insurance News Headline Updated on 20 December 2019

The headline on 20 December 2019 Direct-to-consumer company Hims & Hers has signed some notable partnerships, including pop star Jennifer Lopez. Source: Medium > Making Healthcare Work for You The headline on 19 December 2019 Hospital execs say they’re getting swamped by tech companies with requests for your data. Source: CNBC > Hospital execs say […]

Modernizing Clinical Trials with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

While digitally transforming clinical research holds great promise, it is a complex undertaking. Managing the volume and variability of healthcare data is challenging for life sciences organizations looking to modernize clinical trials. From IoT to data management to high-performance computing and machine learning, leading life sciences organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop […]

Pros and Cons of Various Prior Authorization Approaches for Oncology

The debate over prior authorization is particularly important in oncology, where rising drug costs and daily advances in research and emerging therapies make it difficult for health plans to ensure their members are getting the right treatment at the right time. Is Prior Authorization the Best Approach for Oncology? explores the following: An overview of […]

Tackling Clinical Trial Data Overload with Data Lakes and Machine Learning

As clinical trial complexity increases, trial sizes grow, and data variety and volume explode, this problem is only growing worse. For sponsors and CROs who are experiencing this challenge, within and across studies, a clinical data and analytics hub built on big data, data lake architecture offers great promise. This article explores how a data […]

Enhancing the lifecycle of your insight

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies invest a great deal of time and money in commissioning research to address their insight gaps. The process often results in a suboptimal return on investment (ROI) due to faulty communication and inefficient documentation of insights. Amit Sheinholtz, Senior Associate User Experience Consultant and Elisa del Galdo, Head of Customer Experience […]