Drive Key Customer Satisfaction KPIs with Remote Condition Monitoring

In service, the most important metric is customer satisfaction. A customer whose equipment is up and performing to specification is a happy oneā€”but your team might lack the insights they need to improve first-time-fix rates (FTFR), mean time to repair (MTTR), and other key KPIs. This article explores how remote condition monitoring unlocks actionable data […]

How Database Technology Decisions Affect Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect a seamless, intelligent, and personalized experience that operates at the speed of the cloud and continuously available. To deliver an optimal customer experience, enable you to stay ahead of competitors. You need a distributed, intelligent, and responsive architecture which only possible when the right database is in place. Read this article to […]

Right Practices and Technology In Place to Enable Client Satisfaction

Leaning into the evaluation and deployment of cloud-based ERP technologies today will accelerate project success, improve performance metrics, and win client trust. With client satisfaction being one of the top objectives for consultancy firms, are you sure that you are doing everything you can to WOW your clients? Satisfied clients equal repeat business, bigger deals, […]

Transform the Modern Support Contact Center to Drive Customer Experience and Boost Revenues

Are disconnected systems, siloed channels, and ill-equipped teams compromising your customer interactions? Find out how best-in-class businesses deliver a superior customer experience tailored to support individual customers and their particular requirements – resulting in increased revenue. Enterprises in every sector are waking up to the new reality: Customer experience has become a key competitive differentiator. […]