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Career building tips in the field of blockchain

Everyone is interested in making money by investing in bitcoin, but it’s risky and uncertain. Do you know what’s certain? A career in blockchain!

Career building tips in the field of blockchain

As per the Tech jury, “By 2022, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will reach $11.7 billion.”

That’s massive and just the beginning.

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What skills do you need?
Best Blockchain Courses
Free Blockchain courses
Blockchain Jobs
Where to find a blockchain job?
Become a freelancer

Facebook changed its name to meta, and all the world’s biggest tech giants are coming together to build the Metaverse. A virtual reality world that reduces the difference between a virtual and the real world.

They are building the Metaverse on a blockchain. It’s already growing at a massive rate and employs thousands of people worldwide.

To build your career in the blockchain, you need to know some basic details. In this article, we will find out the skills you need, the best blockchain courses and how you can apply for blockchain jobs.

What skills do you need?

Blockchain is the safest technology on the Internet that no one can hack. That’s why it’s complex, and to be a blockchain developer, the first thing you need is the ability to easily understand and solve complex problems.

When you search blockchain on the Internet, you’ll be welcomed with unfamiliar names like Defi, Consensus mechanism, distributed ledger, cryptography, beacon chain, smart contracts and so on. Getting familiar is the basic thing you need to start your career.

It’s an advantage if you have a software engineering background or know the basics of coding. It can be any type of coding; it helps.

Other advanced skills you need:

  1. Understanding the architecture – How blockchain was originated, and as a developer, you must understand the 4 types of blockchains, consortium, private, public and hybrid.
  2. Programming languages – Different blockchains use different types of languages. The most common ones are Java, C++, Python and JavaScript.
  3. Cryptography – A developer must be familiar with cryptographic concepts, including wallets, keys and digital signatures. You must understand the hashing functions like SHA-256 or Keccak-256.
  4. Web development – Not only developing web applications, but you need to understand the technologies that support these applications. How are they optimized and secured?
  5. Smart contracts – A smart contract is a code that acts as an agreement between two parties to exchange goods and services without an intermediary. Ethereum started it, and most public blockchains use it. You need to be familiar with the languages used for smart contracts like Vyper, Solidity or Chaincode.

It may look like an information overload for beginners. Don’t worry; there are easy blockchain courses on the Internet that teaches the exact thing you need to become a pro.

Best Blockchain Courses


CEBP is a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course by 101 blockchains. It’s a 4-week course with 3-4 hours per week.

  1. It helps you understand the core concepts of blockchain technology, its approach, implementation and ecosystem.
  2. It focuses on transformation with up-to-date tools.


Check Udemy to find this “Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How to Build Your First Blockchain” course.

It teaches you the basic to advanced things you need to start your career in blockchain.


With coursera+, you get access to the Blockchain specialization course. That’s another easy course for blockchain intermediates.

You get a shareable certificate; a flexible schedule, and it’ll take 4 months to complete the entire course.


Educative provides the become a blockchain developer course. It teaches about the basic languages you need for developing an app, smart contracts and more.

They provide a list of topics covered on their website. It’s the most informative and value-for-money course of all.

Free Blockchain courses

If you’re serious about creating a career in blockchain, we strongly recommend you take a paid course. It’s a value for investment and helps you easily clear all concepts.

However, if budget is a problem, then find equally effective free blockchain courses on Khan Academy, Openlearn, Skillshare and Youtube. One free course will not cover everything, and you need to check classes for specific topics you want to learn.

Blockchain Jobs

Once you’re done learning, the next step is getting a job and making money. Some in-demand blockchain jobs include

  1. Blockchain architect
  2. Blockchain developer
  3. Blockchain engineer
  4. Blockchain project manager
  5. Blockchain quality engineer
  6. Blockchain legal consultant
  7. Blockchain web designer

Don’t get confused with the names. Think, what kind of jobs does a normal software company provide?

They need people to develop their software algorithms, people to test that software, digital marketing, copywriter, a person on the legal front, etc.

Blockchain jobs aren’t different from the basic framework of the jobs. However, the names can be tricky.

Where to find a blockchain job?

These are the best websites specifically dedicated to providing jobs related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

  1. Blockchain Works
  2. Crypto jobs list
  4. Work in Crypto
  5. Coinality
  6. Cryptocurrency jobs
  7. Crypto recruit

Also, most companies that hire for blockchain jobs usually post the openings on job boards like Indeed, Monsters, Craigslist, Naukri and more. Browse these websites with the term “blockchain jobs,” and you’ll find plenty of openings.

Become a freelancer

Not only jobs but there are tons of opportunities for freelancers as well. Take some experience before you start providing services as a freelancer. Either do an internship or get at least one year of experience in a job. Beginning as a fresher freelancer will give you a hard time competing.

Some in-demand freelance blockchain work include:

  1. Designing Dapps
  2. NFT creator
  3. Videos & graphic creators for crypto websites
  4. White paper writer
  5. Freelance crypto writer


Blockchain is an emerging industry that already provides tons of opportunities to make money, from investing in cryptos, selling NFT’s to developing blockchains and deploying apps. The sector offers an opportunity for everyone to make money.

Their acceptance by the masses makes it a lucrative business and one of the best industries to make a career in. Most jobs we know in 2022 will disappear by 2030 or later, but the blockchain is just starting, and it’s here to stay.

What do you think about choosing blockchain as a career field?

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