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AI-900: Hybrid Cloud Solution for Tradewind Traders

Learn why a hybrid cloud solution is the best option for Tradewind Traders to increase its resources and reduce its costs.


Tradewind Traders’ current on-premises datacenter has several hundred servers and available resources in the datacenter are currently very low. Management has asked you to research a solution that will allow for increased resources but will keep expenditure such as capital expenditure and operational expenditure at a minimum. What solution should you recommend?

A. Create a Hybrid cloud
B. Create an additional Datacenter
C. Create a new Private cloud
D. A complete migration to the public cloud


A. Create a Hybrid cloud


A hybrid cloud is a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud. With a hybrid cloud, you can continue to use the on-premises servers while adding new servers in the public cloud. Adding new servers in Azure minimizes the capital expenditure costs.

The correct answer is A. Create a Hybrid cloud.

A hybrid cloud is a type of cloud computing that combines on-premises infrastructure—or a private cloud—with a public cloud. Hybrid clouds allow data and apps to move between the two environments.

A hybrid cloud solution would be suitable for Tradewind Traders because it would offer the following advantages:

  • Control: The company can maintain a private infrastructure for sensitive assets or workloads that require low latency.
  • Flexibility: The company can take advantage of additional resources in the public cloud when they need them.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With the ability to scale to the public cloud, the company pays for extra computing power only when needed.
  • Ease: The company can transition to the cloud gradually—phasing in workloads over time.

A hybrid cloud solution would also avoid the disadvantages of the other options, such as:

  • Creating an additional datacenter would require a large capital expenditure and operational expenditure, as well as more maintenance and management.
  • Creating a new private cloud would also incur high costs, as well as limit the scalability and availability of the resources.
  • A complete migration to the public cloud would expose the company to security and privacy risks, as well as compliance and regulatory issues. It would also reduce the control and visibility of the company over its infrastructure and resources.

Therefore, a hybrid cloud solution would be the best option for Tradewind Traders to increase its resources while keeping its expenditure at a minimum.

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