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Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and macOS

Essential Adobe Acrobat keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS to navigate Adobe Acrobat like a pro. Do you want more control over your online documents? For many, Adobe Acrobat Reader remains the default PDF viewer. However, the software does much more than just display documents. It also includes the option to sign, comment on, or print PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and macOS

To quickly explore the full offerings of Adobe Acrobat for PDFs, we’ve compiled the most useful shortcuts into an article. However, before using these, if you want to use single-key shortcuts, you’ll need to enable them. Open Acrobat Reader’s Preferences > General > select Use Single-Key Accelerators To Access Tools option.

Action Shortcut for macOS Shortcut for Windows
Hand Tool H H
Select Tool V V
Marquee Zoom Tool Z Z
Temporarily select Dynamic Zoom (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected) Shift Shift
Temporarily select zoom out (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected) Option Ctrl
Temporarily select zoom in (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected) Cmd + Spacebar Ctrl + Spacebar
Cycle Zoom Tools (Marquee, Dynamic, Loupe) Shift + Z Shift + Z
Sticky Note Tool S S
Stamp Tool K K
Current Highlighting Tool U U
Cycle Highlighting Tools (Highlighter, Underline Text, Cross-Out Text) Shift + U Shift + U
Current Drawing Markup Tool D D
Cycle Drawing Markup Tool (Cloud, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval, Polygon Line, Polygon, Pencil, Eraser) Shift + D Shift + D
Cloud Tool Q Q
Text Box Tool X X
Present Stamp/Attach Tool J J
Cycle Stamp, Attach File, Record Audio Comment Shift + J Shift + J
Selection Tools Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat
Move to next comment or form field Tab Tab
Move to the previous comment or form field Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Add a checkmark in the comments line (for selected comment) Shift + K Shift + K
Open pop-up note for comment with focus Return Enter
Reply to comment with focus R R
Close or exit pop-up/text field for comment with focus Esc Esc
Comments Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat
Next Screen Page Down or Return Page Down or Enter
Previous Screen Page Up or Shift + Return Page Up or Shift + Enter
Last Page End or Shift + Cmd + Down Arrow End or Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow
First Page Home or Shift + Cmd + Up Arrow Home or Shift + Ctrl + Up Arrow
Next Page Right arrow or Cmd + Page Down Right arrow or Ctrl + Page Down
Previous Page Left arrow or Cmd + Page Up Left arrow or Ctrl + Page Up
Go to Page Shift + Cmd + N Shift + Ctrl + N
Scroll Up Up arrow Up arrow
Scroll Down Down arrow Down arrow
Zoom In Cmd + equal sign Ctrl + equal sign
Zoom Out Cmd + hypen Ctrl + hypen
Find (in document) Cmd + F Ctrl + F
Move to next search result Cmd + G F3 or Ctrl + G
Go to previous search result Shift + Cmd + G Shift + F3 or Ctrl + Shift + G
Navigating and Readability Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat
Change reading settings for document Shift + Cmd + 5 Shift + Ctrl + 5
Activate/deactivate read out loud Shift + Cmd + Y Shift + Ctrl + Y
Read current page only Shift + Cmd + V Shift + Ctrl + V
Read from the current page to the end of the document Shift + Cmd + Shift + Ctrl + B
Pause reading out loud Shift + Cmd + C Shift + Ctrl + C
Stop reading out loud Shift + Cmd + E Shift + Ctrl + E
Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat
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