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7 Free Windows Phone 7 Photo Editing Apps

There are many free photo editing apps available on Windows Phone 7, below have listed 7 selected free photo editing apps available as of now.

PhotoFunia gives you a fun filled experience when editing photos. PhotoFunia can automatically identifies the face in the photo and let’s you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages. PhotoFunia is free and easy to use by just select an effect you like from over 100 different effects, select your photo and PhotoFunia will handle the rest for you.

Photo FX FREE helps you transform plain photos into amazing photos. You can crop your images, Customize effects like Sepia, Black and white, Vintage, Color (monotone), Manual (brightness, contrast, vignette) etc. Photo FX FREE also integrated with Photo Extras.

Bubblegum is free photo-sharing app for Windows phone. Use bubblegum to take photos, apply wide range of fun effects and then share them with friends via Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. You can also ‘follow’ your friends and other users to see the latest photos taken around the world. Effects included in the app include – Black&White, Woodstock, Frosty, Grunge, Tilt Shift, Cyano, Aurora, History (sepia) etc.

Photo Splash Effect
Photo Splash Effect can quickly and easily amplify your photos by applying filters, while keeping your chosen details in the color. Photo Splash Effect comes with an intuitive and responsive user interface make it super easy and fun to use. Just select the effect and use your finger as a brush to bring back the applied effect from regions of your image. Photo Splash Effect is free for a limited time in The marketplace.

Photo Finish
Photo Finish provides you with tools required for adding final touches to your captured images. Be it converting the image to a colour tone(grayscale, sepia,etc) or adding a watermark before uploading them or even resizing/rotating it, this app has it all.

Colorize lets you add colors to images and also make them black and white. You can zoom in and rotate the image and change only the smallest details or you can enlarge the brush size and swipe across it sloppily.

Thumba Photo Editor (Paid App- $0.99)
Thumba Photo Editor comes with more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size. Modify the photo with the operations resize, crop, rotate, flip, instant camera, add colored border or grunge frame, remove red eye, pinch and bloat or mirror.

So which is your favorite photo editor for Windows Phone 7?

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