USB Safely Remove Giveaway License Key For v. 5.2

Have you ever lost important data due to inappropriate removal of external drive (e.g. USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc.)? Has Windows ever not allowed you to stop a connected USB device? Accidentally stopped a drive which you don’t aim to remove? USB Safely Remove solves these and other inconveniences of safe removal of all external USB drives and devices in Windows and offers much more features for convenient and secure work with external devices.
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Scanitto Pro Free Giveaway

Scanitto Pro is lightweight, reliable and fast scanner program. It supports OCR, can make one-click document copies, is able to save documents to multi-page PDF and TIFF, allows you to save scanned documents to the cloud and share scanned documents via social networks, lets you fine-tune your scanning settings, and more.
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Sardina Systems Releases Sardina Cloud Platform 3.2

Sardina Systems today announces the availability of the world’s first energy optimizing and utilization increasing OpenStack management and automation system.
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Thrive Technologies Chooses QTS to Host Demand Forecasting System

Thrive Technologies, Inc. announces today that it has chosen QTS as its new data center company for server hosting and operations.
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Personal Monitor 2014 Free Giveaway

Personal Monitor 2014 is a powerful program that monitors all activity on your computer. Personal Monitor 2014 records what programs and processes are run on your computer and what is typed on the keyboard. Furthermore, Personal Monitor 2014 has the ability to block access to specific URLs and can be set to automatically snap screenshots of your computer.
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