27 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Modern Day Marketer

  • 70% of B2B Marketers are Creating More Content than a Year Ago
  • 54% of B2B Marketers Find it Difficult to Produce Engaging Content
  • 90% of Organizations Use Content Marketing
  • 86% of B2C Marketers Use Content Marketing

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10 Must Have Features For Every B2B Website Homepage

The most important marketing tool your company can invest in is your website – and its homepage is your best first impression. The average visitor spends only four seconds deciding whether to stay on your site or return to the search results1. So what is the magic formula for a captivating website homepage?
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13 Trends That Will Drive SEO In 2016

  • Page tagging and structure tags will be critical for mobile optimization
  • Deep Links make app store optimization even more important
  • Search engines strive for relevancy with local and voice search
  • Rise of rich and to the point answers with introduction of knowledge graph
  • Higher engagement with interactive content like GIFs will fill timelines
  • Changes of user behavior a ranking factor
  • Optimizing pages speed would matter as much to search engines as it’d be to users
  • Higher ranks might not bring expected organic clicks
  • Real time Panda update might change a lot of strategies
  • Video content will get prominence due to higher engagement value
  • Expect digital assistants to change how we search for queries
  • AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will improve SEO and UX
  • Increased preference for content with higher word count

Source from Mamsys
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