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Waze and Spotify App Integration for Playlist and Navigation

Spotify and Waze are announced new updates partnering to integrate playlist into Waze app and vice versa. You can start Waze navigation within Spotify or you can access Spotify playlists and control playback within Waze. If the car is stop, you can switch between both apps with single tap.

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Users who are in Spotify app will now get short next navigation instruction, while Waze users will get a short description of what they’re listening to, with the option to skip or change the music without needing to open Spotify app.

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This integration will only work on Android devices and will go live over the new coming few weeks, while iOS users will have to wait for an unspecified date.

New Features:

  • Start navigating with Waze from within Spotify.
  • Access Spotify playlists from within Waze and easily change tracks.
  • Easily switch between apps with one tap for an uninterrupted listening experience when car is stop.

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From Waze app:
Spotify icon is visible on Waze if Spotify is installed on device. One tap opens Spotify and the last song you listened to starts playing automatically.

From Spotify app:
Waze icon is located at the top of Spotify drive mode screen if Waze is installed on device. Tap to start navigating, as your music continues to play in the background. Switching back to Spotify with just one tap.

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