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Test Prep Scholastic Assessment: The author’s purpose for the second paragraph


When Rob became interested in electricity, his clear-headed father considered the boy’s fancy to be instructive as well as amusing; so he heartily encouraged his son, and Rob never lacked batteries, motors, or supplies of any sort that his experiments might require.

He fitted up the little back room in the attic as his workshop, and from thence, a network of wires soon ran throughout the house. Not only had every outside door its electric bell, but every window was fitted with a burglar alarm; moreover, no one could cross the threshold of any interior room without registering the fact in Rob’s workshop. The gas was lighted by an electric fob; a chime, connected with an erratic clock in the boy’s room, woke the servants at all hours of the night and caused the cook to give warning; a bell rang whenever the postman dropped a letter into the box; there were bells, bells, bells everywhere, ringing at the right time, the wrong time and all the time. And there were telephones in the different rooms, too, through which Rob could call up the different members of the family just when they did not wish to be disturbed.

His mother and sisters soon came to vote the boy’s scientific craze a nuisance; but his father was delighted with these evidences of Rob’s skill as an electrician and insisted that he be allowed perfect freedom in carrying out his ideas.

The author’s purpose for the second paragraph is:

A. to show how ingenious Rob was
B. to evidence that Rob lacked for no supplies.
C. to represent just how far Rob’s experiments went
D. to fully develop the latitude father gave and the control he had.
E. to show just how intrusive the experiments were, much to the chagrin of all inhabitants


D. to fully develop the latitude father gave and the control he had.


The author uses this paragraph to fully demonstrate the latitude given to Rob but as importantly, the control, as head of household, father has on the house.

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