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Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Final Released with Direct Download Link

Mozilla released Firefox 33.0 Final with new Chrome-like design, presenting menu options as large icons which is similar to Chrome apps. The Tab feature in Mozilla Firefox 33 Final have been cleaned up and look curvier and sleeker. Subtle animations make the Firefox 33 Final more interactive. For example, when bookmarking an URL will triggers an animation of star dropping into bookmark icon.

Improvements/changes include:
# New
* OpenH264 support (sandboxed)
* Improved search experience through the location bar
* Slimmer and faster JavaScript strings
* Search suggestions on the Firefox Start (about:home) and new tab (about:newtab) pages
* Windows: OMTC enabled by default
* New CSP (Content Security Policy) backend
* Support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS
* Improved reliability of the session restoration
* Azerbaijani [az] locale added
# Changed
* Proprietary window.crypto properties/functions removed
* JSD (JavaScript Debugger Service) removed in favor of the Debugger interface
* @counter-style rule from CSS3 Counter Styles specification implemented
* DOMMatrix interface implemented
# Developer
* Cubic-bezier curves editor
* Display which elements have listeners attached
* New sidebar which displays a list of shortcuts to every @media rule in the current stylesheet
* Paint flashing for browser content repaints
* Editable @keyframes rules in the Rules section of the Inspector
* CSS transform highlighter in the style-inspector
# Fixed
* Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers
* Various security fixes

Author: Mozilla
Date: 10/13/2014 07:05 PM
Size: 34.8 MB
License: Open Source

Download Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Final for Windows
Download Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Final for Mac OS X
Download Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Final for Linux
Download Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Final (FTP):

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