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WordPress and Tumblr Pros and Cons

There are so many people twittering and asking about what blogging platform to choose – wordpress, tumblr , blogger, self hosted wordpress. So I decided that it is time to explain my view on this matter.

Tumblr – Superfast micro-blogging

Tunblr is a micro blogging enviroment for simple, quick blogging with support for posts, images, quotes, video, audio and links – all you need to get your message out as quick as possible. A simple interface for super fast blogging. Not feature extensive as the others.. but that is the beuaty of the beist. Quick and simple, great for personal and quick blogging.

– Tumblr’s backend is stylish
– 3rd party tools for Tumblr
– large array of themes (but less than wordpress)
– Easy managment from your phone
– Using your own domain on tumblr is FREE
– Can use Google Analytics to measure your traffic

– Troublesome archives
– Need to tag to support search
– Limited flexability and plugin support
– No direct RSS feed
– Does not expand easly
– No built in commenting

WordPress – hosted on

For a personal blog that has no commercial value or no intent to become commercial I would recommend using the free blogging platform, it is simple to setup and incldues a selection of wordpress features that would expect to install yourself. The ease of the hosted platform is great if you do not want to pay for your own web hosting and if you don’t want to have the hassle of handling the wordpress installation on your own webhost. Also here you can add your own domain for $15 / year or map a already purchased domain for $10 / year. So if you don’t require custom design, custom plugins and other customizations it would be a good option to start with. Note that there are many popular plug-ins that are highly recommended that are not included on the blogs.

– Dozens of gorgeous themes
– Integrated stats system
– Commenting with anti-spam built-it
– Good support community
– Mulitlanguage support

– Using you own domain cost $10 / $15 a year
– Limited plugin support, can not install your own plugins
– Custom CSS / additional storage costs extra
– Ads shown from time to time
– Can not optimize for SEO

WordPress – self hosted on your own domain

If you have not found your heaven in the above and are looking for more, or looking to start a serious personal or commercial blog, a self hosted wordpress blog is certainly a good solution. You may either signup for hosting that includes pre-installed wordpress that you can start using, or install wordpress yourself. Will a little bit of computer / internet knowledge you could have your blog up and running in 5 min – well it will usally take longer than that, but the basic installation is really simple, it is the customization that can drive a non tech-savy wordpress installer crazy. Feel free to drop us a line for a free professional wordpress installation on your hosting or follow us on twitter via @bloginstall

– Highly flexable , fully customizable
– Easy installation / updating of plugins (from wordpress 2.7)
– Thousands of gorgeous themes from all over the globe
– Great community support
– Excellent plugins and features for SEO optimization

– Requires your own domain and hosting
– Requires some technical knowledge and maintanence
– Is not backed up automatically (so make sure you you do)

In the end I would choose from either WordPress or Tumblr according to the kinds of users and usage. For personal blog I would go for a pre-hosted blog on tumblr or and for a serious personal blog or commercial blogsite I would go for a self-hosted wordpress installation.

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