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Women In Tech

Where are the women in tech?

  • Just 17% of Microsoft’s workforce are women.
  • 23% of technology companies in London have no women in senior positions.
  • UK workforce: 46% female, only 15% of the IT professional workforce is female.
  • Women at Apple are only 20% of workforce.

What’s being done to bridge the gender gap?
September 2014 marked the entrance of ‘Coding’ into UK school curriculum. As more young women are introduced to tech skills from an early age could we see a more diverse technology workforce in the not so distant future?

2014: 4,000 people took A-Level Computing. Only 100 of those were young women!

There’s still a lot of work to be done in order to shake gender inequality in the industry, however it would seem progress is being made…

  • Non-profit educational organization Girls Who Code (est. 2012) has taught over 10,000 young women software coding skills and ensured over 20 large companies will share paid internships and other opportunities with its students.
  • At the end of 2013, launched the “Hour of Code” campaign. After the first week, 15 million students had written more than 500 million lines of code – and more than half of the participants were girls.
  • Leeds UK: 30% of Sky’s new recruits in are female.

Source from amsource technology

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