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Wickr shuts down free IM service

Updated on 2022-11-20: Wickr nukes free version

Wickr Me, the consumer end-to-end encrypted messaging service, will cease operating as of the end of 2022. Amazon, which bought Wickr in 2021, will keep its AWS enterprise version running. Wickr had a major problem with child abuse materials but did little to stop it. Read more:

Overview: Wickr shuts down free IM service

Secure instant messaging service Wickr announced that it would shut down its free service to focus on its commercial offering. The company said it would not accept new user registrations after December 31, 2022, and will discontinue the Wickr Me service on December 31, 2023. Amazon acquired Wickr in June 2021 and was planning to use it as an E2EE service for its commercial enterprise offerings—now known as AWS Wickr. Read more:

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