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Is your Website Optimized for Mobile device?

Websites are being increasingly accessed via mobile devices, what users get when they arrive at different sites via one of these devices varies greatly and often the experience and usability is terrible.

Some conclusions about Mobile:
– As smartphone and tablet penetration increases, mobile visitors to your site will grow dramatically.
– Sites with a lot of local content or local clientele will have larger numbers of mobile visitors than “informational sites” not specific to a geography.
– Many sites are not prepared for mobile visitors and provide a poor user experience. Many site owners don’t know how many people are accessing their sites via mobile devices.
– The mobile options are confusing for many site owners. These options include Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps and Responsive Websites.

The mobile Trend is Undeniable
– One site’s story. Mobile visitor growth has been steadily growing over time for this global site.

Mentions in the News
– Mentions in headlines related to Mobile Websites and Responsive Websites have bumped up significantly.

Examples of Mobile Traffic
– A sampling of traffic for over 20 websites shows consistent mobile traffic averaging at about 22%
– Local businesses seem to get significantly more mobile visitors.

Your Mobile Options
– Responsive Design
– Mobile App
– Mobile Website

Your Mobile Next Steps
1. Check your website analytics to understand your site’s percentage of mobile visitors.
2. Understand the time-on-site, pages per visit, bounce rate and conversion rate for mobile vs. non-mobile visitors.
3. Review your site’s appearance and functionality on a phone and tablet.
4. Talk with a mobile expert about mobile options for your site.
5. Focus on delivering a great experience for your mobile visitors.

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