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Web CMS – What and How its work

Web CMS is a web-based content management system. The idea is that it lets the end-user add/remove/update/alter the website’s pages, design and layout. Some are oriented at blogs such as WordPress, others at eCommerce such as osCommerce, and some are generic. It all depends on what you want to do. They work like any other web application. There is a database, the public front-end that the CMS generates, and the admin “back-end” web site that allows validated users to make changes.

Essentially a CMS works like this:

Step 1: User Enters URL.

Step 2: The URL is matched against records in a database.

Step 3: The “Content” is put together and rendered.

Step 4: This can include any HTML content, and in some cases Coded “Modules” think of them as “Widgets”.

Step 5: In this manner an unlimited amount of “Web Pages” can be created.

Step 6: All of this can be altered on the fly, because they are simply database records.

Step 7: A CMS includes a web “Front-end” that allows users to edit the database records via the web.

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