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Vanuatu ransomware attack

Updated on 2022-11-30: Vanuatu’s Government Struggling to Recover from Cyberattack

A month after a cyberattack took down Vanuatu’s government servers and websites, officials are still using their private email accounts, their personal laptops, typewriters, and pen and paper to conduct business. Government offices in the outer islands of the South Pacific country are experiencing significant delays in services. Vanuatu’s CIO estimates that 70 percent of the government’s network is operating.


  • While disappointing that cyber criminals targeted a small island nation, it serves as reminder for organizations to regularly exercise their recovery plans for service disruptions that impact both business and government operations. Also, don’t forget those third party support relationships, as they form part of the cybersecurity chain of trust.
  • The Vanuatu government called in help from Australia. I remember visiting Tahiti years back and at that time their governor was not interested in any resources outside his islands. Ask yourself, what resources would you need, “off your island” to respond to an incident, then make connections with them. Make sure you know how to initiate an engagement, what their capabilities are and what costs will be incurred. Now is the time to refine your list, expectations and understanding, rather than when the chips are down.


Updated on 2022-11-29

Almost a month after a ransomware attack that crippled its IT network, the government of the small Pacific island of Vanuatu has yet to recover from the incident. ABC News reports that government workers are using their personal email services and hotspots to conduct government business and that local hospitals are still limited to using pen and paper. The Australian government is currently helping Vanuatu rebuild its IT network following the attack. Read more:

Updated on 2022-11-20

The government of the small island nation of Vanuatu was hit by a ransomware attack that crippled most of the government’s IT networks and forced staff back to pen and paper. According to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald, a team from the Australian Cyber Security Centre is currently helping Vanuatu officials recover their network from the attack. Read more:


Vanuatu, a South Pacific ocean archipelago, suffered a ransomware attack that stranded the nation for 11 days. The attack took down the intranet and online databases of schools and hospitals. Read more: Vanuatu island hit by ransom attack, cripples government

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