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US Senator Calls for Improved Healthcare Sector Cybersecurity

US Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) wants the Department of Health and Human Services. And the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CFISA) to improve their collaboration in their efforts to protect the health care sector from cyberattacks. Warner has published a policy options paper that addresses “various challenges and proposals aimed at changing the way that the health care sector addresses the cybersecurity challenges it faces.“


  • Providing actionable data to the healthcare industry is only part of the problem. Healthcare providers have to raise their own bar and increase focus on cyber security, which will require resources and may but the CISO at odds with those pushing to deliver more patient services quickly. Those CISOs can leverage resources from their local CISA offices, not just guidance but help with some activities. If you haven’t been briefed on their services, reach out and ask.
  • It would be nice if government could “protect healthcare” but that is a big order. In practice the healthcare enterprises must protect themselves.


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