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How Do i Uninstall, Remove, Delete Software Apps Programs on macOS?

Follow these steps to remove or uninstall unwanted softwares or apps that won’t delete on macOS.

Remove app from macOS

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Solution 1: Delete Apps in the Finder on Mac Manually
Solution 2: Delete Apps Downloaded from Apple App Store

Solution 1: Delete Apps in the Finder on Mac Manually

In macOS, all the programs and apps are stored in the Application directory, configuration settings are saved in the Library/Preferences folder and any other additional supporting data are saved in the Library/Application Support folder.

Step 1: Open Finder > Go > press the Option key and the Library option will show in the list.

Step 2: Click on Library option and the Library folder should open.

Step 3: Go to Application Support folder and remove the additional supporting data inside.

Step 4: Open the application folder and drag the app to Trash.

Step 5: Empty Trash.

Solution 2: Delete Apps Downloaded from Apple App Store

Step 1: Open Launchpad (Rocket icon) from the Dock section.

Step 2: After Launchpad is opened, it will show all the apps that are provided by default in alphabetic order.

Step 3: Click and hold on the app that you want to delete until it starts jumping.

Step 4: Click on the X mark.

Step 5: Confirm that you want to delete by clicking on the Delete button once.


Apple Support: macOS Sierra: Install, update, and uninstall apps

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