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Toyota leak

Updated on 2022-10-17: 300,000 Toyota customers emails leaked over five years

Plenty of egg on Toyota’s corporate face after admitting it left access to a database of 300,000 email addresses exposed for five years. A contractor uploaded source code to a public GitHub repo back in 2018(!) that inadvertently included an access key to the Toyota database. TechCrunch has a short write-up, and the Toyota newsroom post is here, in the highly likely event your Japanese is better than mine. Read more: Toyota exposed 300,000 customer email addresses for 5 years

Updated on 2022-10-11

Japanese carmaker Toyota said that the personal details of more than 296,000 users who used the T-Connect mobile app to connect their car to their smartphone might have been stolen. The company admitted that it left one of the access keys for the T-Connect service in one of its GitHub repositories for more than five years, between December 2017 to September 15, 2022; although it’s unclear if someone saw it and exploited it to pilfer user data. Read more: お客様のメールアドレス等の漏洩可能性に関するお詫びとお知らせについて


Toyota stated that 296,019 email addresses and customer numbers were leaked from its T-Connect service. Read more: Toyota says about 296,000 pieces of customer info possibly leaked

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