Top Tips to Make Viral Video

What’s a Viral Video?

  • A viral video is any video that becomes popular after being passed from person to person, on the World Wide Web.
  • The idea length of a viral video is generally between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.
  • There is no algorithm to follow which would make a video go viral, but there are many strategic ways to maximise a video’s potential to go viral.
  • Gangnam Style by Korean rapper Psy is YouTube’s most viewed video ever with more than 2.5 billion views to date.
  • A viral video is not heavily branded. It is often funny, inspiring, or tugs a the heart strings. It generally tells a story.

Planning your viral marketing strategy

Create a viral marketing plan

  • Making a viral video is not about luck.
  • It is about implementing a strategic plan.

Move away from the “Hard Sell” and focus on emotion

  • Do not overly brand your video
  • Always aim to evoke an emotional response from your viewer.

Ensure other marketing efforts match up

  • If your website or business offering is poor, a viral video won’t matter.
  • You video might be very successful, but the video viewers won’t convert to customers if the quality of everything else doesn’t match up.

A framework for viral marketing

Shock your audience

  • Take GoDaddy’s 2013 Super Bowl Ad “The Perfect Match” as an example.
  • The brand spent millions to promote its website builder.
  • Yet 1/2 of the video is centred on an uncomfortable kiss between a supermodel and a nerd.
  • GoDaddy posted its highest sales day in its history and added 100,000 customers.

Go left of centre

  • Take Blendtec’s will it blend? – iPad video.
  • The company sells blenders.
  • Instead of fruit and veg. It decided to blend an iPad.
  • The pure nonsense nature of the concept, its cheesy music and slapstick comedy combined to make a video that has had 18 million+ views.

Do insanely practical tips

  • Take Wendy Nguyen’s 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!
  • Wendy is a fashion blogger with a popular YouTube channel.
  • She made the video to showcase every possible way to wear a scarf.
  • The video has 13 million+ views.

Promote like a kardoshian

  • Take Rebecca Black’s Friday music video.
  • Unknown one-hit-wonder Rebecca Black made a video that amassed 95 million views.
  • Initially it garnered very little interest but was covered on a TV show on Comedy Central and then tweeted by a popular blogger poking fun at it.
  • Its complete cheese factor made it the incredibly successful music video we all love to hate.

Viral video tactics

  • General Vs. Unusual
  • Simplicity : Scare / Frighten
  • Interesting Content : Pro Stunts
  • Music : Shoot Reactions
  • Humour : Reference Pop Culture
  • Animals
  • Parody / Remix / Mash-up

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