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The Top 4 Tech Trends That Will Change Education In 2021

Technology has become intertwined with a lot of different fields of our lives in the past few years. Almost nothing about our everyday lives has not been affected by the technological advancements the world has seen and continues to see. Whether it is communication, healthcare, or even shopping, technology has changed everything as compared to a few decades ago.

The Top 4 Tech Trends That Will Change Education In 2021

The Top 4 Tech Trends That Will Change Education In 2021

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The Importance of Ed-Tech
Key Tech Trends in Education for 2021

Education is another area that keeps evolving as the technologies get better. One of the biggest changes seen in this industry today is caused by the internet. These days, whether students are in the UK or the US, or any other part of the world, they can even buy essay online at instead of writing it themselves. A service like this, which gives them access to professionals at affordable prices, did not exist before the internet was such a big part of our lives.

Other than getting a plagiarism-free essay or paper written for them, students are also seeing many other trends in education that are changing the way they learn. But what exactly is ‘ed-tech’ and why does it really matter?

The Importance of Ed-Tech

Ed-tech is simply a word to describe how innovative education technology is being used to digitize the delivery of education. It is important because it leads to teaching methods that are more innovative and accessible. It fosters collaboration among students and teachers, making the process of teaching and learning more efficient for both teachers and students. So, if you’re a UK student and you’re taking online classes from a top university in the US, then you have innovative education technology to thank for it.

While we live in a time when online learning has become so common due to COVID-19, we already see how teaching trends have been changed thanks to technology and the internet. Online classes have become the norm and various affordable services have popped up that allow teachers to digitally teach their students. However, there are some important trends in educational technology that may very well change education in 2021.

  • Internet of Things: One of the leading examples that are currently driving the educational technology industry is the Internet of Things or IoT. This is a term that describes those physical items that are connected to the internet and alamo among themselves at times. Items like smartphones with access to countless e-books and course materials, smart boards that can replace traditional whiteboards, and other such tools are examples of how IoT has already started to reshape education.
  • AI and ML: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are two trends in education that will change how tasks like checking papers for plagiarism, for example, are handled by schools. A professor can’t check if a paper is plagiarism-free, let alone multiple ones. With AI technologies, schools will be able to use services that will check student papers automatically. Other examples of AI and ML-based innovative education technology include AI assistants for writers, AI teaching assistants who can help develop courses, and administrative assistants.
  • Big Data: Big Data can be used to analyze how various aspects of an institution are operating. Various tasks such as the analysis of students’ performance, cleaning of classrooms, and planning of bus routes can be organized using Big Data technologies. Schools can also figure out whether some students are falling behind others to help the school provide support to them via personalized courses, etc.
  • Robotics: Robotics is another technological trend that will change education for the better. Robotic products will be able to assist students with physical or mental disabilities, making their learning experience much better. Other tech gadgets and products like smart assistants are already helping students access information more easily via voice commands. Students who have issues with writing can use such products to note down their lectures, as an example.


If they were not ready to buy into the idea of innovative education technology before, then in 2020, students all around the world have experienced firsthand how the educational technology industry has helped make the learning process much more digital and accessible. With E-learning, students have been able to access all their classes from their homes and have also collaborated with their peers. In the coming years, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and IoT will improve these educational processes much more to create a system that is very convenient to access by students, easy to control by schools, and mutually beneficial to all those involved.

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