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Top 5 Data Centre Trends in 2015

Many data centre professionals are pondering what 2015 holds in store. We’ve come up with a list of five trends that will have the greatest impact on industry in the year ahead.

Big gets bigger, small gets smaller
Enterprise-owned data centres will continue to shrink in size … and on the other end of the scale, the growth of mega facilities looks set to continue unabated.

Unlocking the value of technology is more important than the technology itself
Increasingly, CIOs aren’t asking for our assistance with technology issues, they’re looking for help in updating their operational processes so that they can extract maximum value from their technology investments. Automation is key to extracting maximum value from technology, as is making informed decisions regarding new investments.

IT organisations need to use technology advancements, such as cloud and Agile development methodologies, to explore the art of the possible … boldly test new ideas and approaches … and have fun.

‘Software-driven’ transforms into business value
As they look ahead to 2015, the challenge facing many organisations is how to ensure that their efforts in implementing Agile-based methodologies result in tangible business value.

It’s time to be bold about extracting the value of information
Data centre professionals need to move beyond managing infrastructure and trying to find ways to reduce storage costs. They should begin to explore the potential new value inherent in information.

By Kevin Leahy, General Manager – Group Data Centre Business Unit, Dimension Data

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