Top 16 Most Effective SEO Tips

Best Search engine optimisation tips from on-page factors, to user experience, link building and more.

Site Layout & Architecture

  • Content should be clear and upfront
  • Avoid ads on top of the fold
  • Make a content hierarchy
  • Keep clear navigation
  • Keep nofollow to paid & affiliates links
  • Keep URLs SEO friendly
  • Keep Contact info visible
  • Include privacy policy and about page

Keyword Research

  • Choose keywords wisely
  • Keep main keyword per page
  • Check title competition (Google “allintitle:”your keyword)
  • Steal Competitor’s keyword
  • Monitor your CTR

Tittle Tags

  • Front load your keyword
  • Avoid truncation
  • Make it clickable
  • Add brand at the end
  • Don’t repeat keywords.
  • Title Tag formula: Focus keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  • Keep it under 50-60 characters.

Meta Descriptions

  • Write it concise
  • Avoid truncation
  • Include main focus keyword as soon as possible
  • Keep it under 150 to 160 characters

Header Tags

  • Place unique H1 tag on each page
  • Use focus keyword in H1
  • Use LSI keyword in H2 & H3
  • Avoid header tags in layout

The Content

  • Use focus keyword in first paragraph
  • Long content correlates with higher rankings
  • Forget keyword density
  • Use LSI keyword
  • Add internal & external links
  • Priorities quality over frequency
  • Setup rich snippets/structured data

User Experience

  • Lower your bounce rate
  • Use “Scrollmaps” software
  • Use “Heatmaps” tracking
  • Minimize pop-ups
  • Be careful with interstitial ads
  • Make site mobile optimized
  • Setup friendly 404 pages
  • Implement SSl

Google Search Console (Formerly known as “Google webmaster tool”)

  • Look “higher impressions” & SERP 11+, add internal links to those pages to boost rankings.
  • Check & Fix Crawl errors (for Desktop and Smart Phones)
  • Add sitemap.xml and submit

Google Analytics

  • Monitor Traffic changes
  • Monitor Landing pages
  • Monitor Exit pages
  • Monitor Bounce rates

Site Speed

  • Optimize loading time (desktop/mobile)
  • Use tool: “Google Page Speed Insights“

Image Optimization

  • Add relevant “alt text”
  • Use descriptive image file name
  • Compress image size

Link Building

  • Build links from high Domain Authority Sites
  • Topically related sites
  • Links within the content
  • Follow competitors backlinks
  • Diversify your link & anchor texts

Social Media

  • Be active on Social Media
  • Set up rich pins in website
  • Set up Twitter card
  • Encourage sharing of your content

Google Penalty Recovery

  • Check traffic drops
  • Remove thin content Remove bad links
  • Disavow links
  • Check for hacks/inserted links
  • File a reconsideration request
  • Note: Recovery from penalties is not straight forward and you should be extremely careful to removing links, de-indexing pages etc. If in doubt consider employing the services of an experienced SEO consultant.

Content Promotion

  • Find popular content in your niche and improve /update it.
  • Shareable assets = more links
  • Email outreach
  • Share content from others (Read about “Law of Reciprocity”)

General SEO Tips & Advice

  • Learn as much as you can
  • Pay attention to SEO articles and blogs updates from different sites
  • Be patient
  • Avoid shady tactics
  • Don’t spam

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