Tips for How to Write Effective Email

Email is a noisy environment. Stand out. Be brief, bold and clear. This outside the paragraph.

  • Revealing subject line: Tell readers what to expect. Also becomes accurate heading for reply threads.
  • Summary sentences: Use the first 20 words to tell readers what to expect.
  • Microwave greeting: If you must introduce yourself, do it simply and quickly to warm things up.
  • Skimmable headings and bullets: Avoid long paragraphs. Use formatting features to aid skimming.
  • / and you: Use pronouns; be direct and involve the reader.
  • Links: Let readers click to review detailed material.
  • Call to action: Be clear about what you want the reader to do.
  • Graphics: Use photos or charts to clarity content.
  • Deadline: Tell people how long they have to respond.
  • 250-word limit: Be brief for maximum effectiveness on a phone screen.

Source from Bernoff