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TimeSplitters Rewind Trailer Reveals 2017 Release

Cinder Interactive Arts puts out the first new official teaser trailer for TimeSplitters Rewind which is currently in development and confirming set to released sometime in 2017 for the forthcoming project.

As seen below in the video courtesy of Damianaid’s YouTube Channel, at the end of the video it’s hinted that the game will be released in 2017.

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It was a teaser and was developed in a short amount of time to get people talking, the date change at the end was designed to tease people with the final date being 2017,

one of the developers said to PC Gamer.

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Cinder Interactive Arts is developing TimeSplitters Rewind specifically using CryEngine which is a better approach by Crytek to tessellation, lighting, and texturing development. Timesplitters Rewind aim to include all maps, modes, characters and bots from the first three games.

TimeSplitters Rewind is a re-imagining of the franchise combining elements of the three released games, and possibly some of the TimeSplitters 4 materials created before Free Radical was purchased by Crytek; the project has Crytek’s full approval and access to official TimeSplitters assets. It has been in the works since late 2012, and is expected on PC and possibly PS4,

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Check out more about the history of TimeSplitters Rewind project on its website, which was last updated in September 2016.

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