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Thrive Technologies Chooses QTS to Host Demand Forecasting System

Thrive Technologies, Inc. announces today that it has chosen QTS as its new data center company for server hosting and operations.

Thrive Technologies develops and markets a system that increases inventory profitability for wholesale distributors and retailers. Delivered exclusively via the cloud, Thrive provides its clients with a portfolio of award winning demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory performance software and services. Thrive’s systems provide industry leading accuracy of predicted demand at the SKU and aggregate levels plus precise control over inventory levels with an automated alignment to strategic supply chain goals. Thrive’s patent pending demand forecasting system typically increases client forecast accuracy to over 90% reducing lost sales due to stockouts by over 70%.

“We have large clients such as Chiquita and Virginia ABC who depend on us to manage their inventory, and their IT staff expect the highest levels of availability and security from their cloud providers,” states Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO. “So we, in turn, had high requirements for our new datacenter and server operations, and were very impressed with the QTS facility in Suwanee GA.”

Starting with a single small data center in Overland Park, Kansas, QTS has grown exponentially to become one of the largest and most successful national data center providers. In less than ten years, the company has established a leadership position in this growing industry by amassing a coast-to-coast portfolio of 10 data centers encompassing over 3.8 million square feet.

Thrive is hosting its server operations at QTS’s 370,000 square foot Suwanee datacenter which is home to some of QTS’s largest clients. The datacenter features 140,200 sq. ft. of 48″ raised floor cooled by over 200 thirty ton Lieberts.

“When we bring customers to visit, they can’t help but notice the physical setbacks and fencing, active guard patrols, ID checks, visitor screening, active video monitoring, and biometric access control (both iris scans and fingerprints),” commented Lawton Roberts, Thrive’s Datacenter Manager. “QTS definitely makes our customers feel comfortable about the security of their data and our ability to maintain high service levels.”

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