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Texas Emergency Medical Services Agency Breach Affects More than 600,000 People

Updated on 2023-01-06: Texas Emergency Medical Services Agency Breach Affects More than 600,000 People

MedStar Mobile Healthcare, which provides ambulance services to 15 cities in Tarrant County, Texas, has disclosed a data breach. The incident affected sensitive health data for some of the organization’s patients. The breach affects as many as 612,000 people. The incident occurred in October 2022; MedStar reported to the US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS OCR) in December.


  • MedStar jumped on this and locked things down, to stop the attack and prevent recurrence. What they have not yet determined is what, if any, data was exfiltrated. As such, they haven’t notified customers of any impact. If you’re a MedStar customer, and worried, you can take steps to lock down your credit and purchase credit monitoring, and given the current breach climate, it’s not a bad idea to have this in place regardless of being impacted. By the way, once you have monitoring in place, don’t ignore the alerts: you’re going to want to learn what they mean and what you can and cannot do in response.



A Texas municipality ambulance services provider, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, notified federal regulators of a ransomware breach that potentially impacted 612,000 individuals. Read more: MedStar Media Notice about cyber attack [PDF]



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