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Telstra breach

Updated on 2022-12-12

Telstra, an Australian telecoms provider, inadvertently leaked the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 130,000 customers whose details were supposed to be unlisted. Read more: Australian Telecom Firm Leaks Data of 130,000 Customers

Updated on 2022-10-09

Dark Reading reports that 30,000 employees (as far back as 2017!) at Australian telco rival Telstra had personal information stolen in a separate, unrelated breach. Read more: Aussie Telco Telstra Breached, Reportedly Exposing 30,000 Employees’ Data

Updated on 2022-10-05

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecom firm, reported suffering a data breach that affected some 30,000 former and current employee data, dating back to 2017. Read more: Australia’s Telstra hit by data breach, two weeks after attack on Optus


Two weeks after Australian telco Optus disclosed a data breach, its main rival Telstra also disclosed a similar incident. However, as the company explained in a breach notification posted on its website, the incident is far smaller than the Optus breach and only involved the personal data of employees the company had back in 2017. Read more: Employee data breach: what you need to know

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