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Technology Vision 2016 by Accenture

Digital Impacts

  • 33% of the global economy is currently impacted by digital in some regard.
  • 86% of respondents anticipate that the pace of technology change will increase at a rapid or unprecedented rate over the next three years.

Intelligent Automation

  • 70% of the corporate executives stated increased AI-related technology investments compared to two years ago.
  • 55% revealed that they plan on using machine learning and embedded AI solutions like Amelia extensively.

Liquid Workforce

“Deep expertise for the specialised task at hand” was only the fifth most important characteristics required for employees to perform well in a digital work environment – other qualities such as “the ability to quickly learn” or “shift gears” were ranked higher.

Platform Economy

81% of our survey respondents agree that platform-based business models will become part of their organization’s core growth strategy within three years.

Predictable Disruption

Companies are already significantly or moderately experiencing ecosystem disruption, with 81% of survey respondents indicating that they are seeing this in their industry.

Digital Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy, according to 83% of Accenture Technology Vision 2016 survey respondents.

Source from Accenture

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