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This month, we have some exciting additions to Windows 365 Enterprise. Now available are Windows 11 22H2 gallery images, connectivity health checks, the ability to downsize your Cloud PCs RAM, and new system alerts and email notifications. Note: New features can take approximately two weeks to become available for all customers.

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Problem Symptom Windows users reported that both native and third-party application icons on the Taskbar, Start menu, or Desktop is not showing, missing, unresponsive, become broken, or disappeared. This problem happens on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, not resolved even after OS restart. All the icons from the Taskbar disappear including the icons from …

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When assigning a Windows 365 license on your tenant for the first time, a system account is automatically created in Azure Active Directory. We have updated the name for the system account, it was previously called CloudPCBPRT and will show as Windows 365 BPRT Permanent User.

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