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The Rise of Quantum Computing

Machine Learning has always been aided and, at the same time, limited by computer power. As a result, research and development are laser-focused on quantum computing and how it can offer the computing power to do things that classical computing cannot. In this chapter, we’ll contemplate how the rise of quantum computing has influenced and …

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning: where did it start, and where is it going? The idea of algorithms has existed for a long time, but the modern concept of Machine Learning has its roots in 1950s computer science. With the strides made in data science and computer manufacturing—not to mention storage and data management—Machine Learning is becoming a …

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How Machine Learning help ITOps

ITOps teams face the constant struggle of maintaining, monitoring, and managing IT infrastructure while also trying to develop solutions and innovate new avenues for success across business units. With the right use of machine learning technologies, these teams can spend less time troubleshooting and do more innovating. Read this article to explore the applications of …

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