[Solved] How do I Fix iPhone/iPad/iOS Keyboard App Missing, Not Appearing, Lag, Stuck, Frozen, or Not Working Properly

Is the iPhone/iPad on-screen keyboard not showing when you tap on the text field or does it disappear randomly? On-screen keyboard is not working properly and behaving weirdly including keyboard lag, types on its own, or dismiss randomly, etc.? On-screen keyboard issues on iPhone/iPad commonly happen after software update and mostly happen to those users […]

[Solved] How do I fix iPhone “backup session failed” on iTunes?

Problem: iOS user complaining on the discussions.apple.com after encountered the iTunes backup session failed message when trying to backup or restore the iPhone on a computer using iTunes. Backup session failed is not only happened to a particular OS or iOS but also nearly all models of the iPhone. Even tried all the methods provided […]

[Solved] How to Enable Parental Controls, Family Management, Screen Time, SafeSearch, Kids Profile, and Restricted Mode Settings

Parental Controls are settings to restrict what your kids see on TV and online. This article outline the steps for how to enable Parental Controls or Family Management function in gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), Operating System (iOS, macOS and Android), Search Engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!), Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime), and Social […]

[Solved] iPhone/iPad/iPod Cannot Be Synced or Problem Downloading The Software with Error -39

When trying to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod via recovery mode, the popup error message below shows on iTunes: The iPhone (iPad/iPod) cannot be synced or Problem downloading the software for the iPhone (iPad/iPod). An unknown error occurred (-39) iTunes error 39 mostly happens when syncing or restoring iPhone/iPad/iPod using iTunes on Mac/Windows, prevent you from the update […]