Explained Libra In Simple Terms: What is Libra and why is it so important?

Libra is poised to transform how people transact with each other, daily and across the globe. For most of 2019, Facebook’s Libra project dominated the headlines in the cryptocurrency world. While it may seem like just another project by a tech giant, Libra promises to have major implications at the global level. This is the […]

Data-Based Best Practices for Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, but thanks to its algorithm you won’t get very far without boosting your posts or running ads. We analysed over 100,000 Facebook ads and then ran a series of tests to determine: The most powerful ad type for customer acquisition The approx. word count of […]

How to Attract, Reach and Engage Your Customers Audience with Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic platform not only for your social life, but also for your business. You can use it to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and even generate new customers — but only if your strategy is on point. You’ll learn: How to determine your Facebook marketing objectives Practical tips for […]